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MAGBLOX® is a proud product by JC Ingenium an Australian-owned family business. We are passionate about bringing play-based learning opportunities to the often challenging world of education. Our story started in 2016, when we created our first game, the well-known Playmager Blocks®, with the intention of supporting early childhood and primary age educational centers with the benefits of open-ended toys.

 Our MAGBLOX® Magnetic tiles have been made with both recycle and new ABS plastic, it is a food grade non-toxic material which is BPA and phthalate free.

To help reduce our carbon footprint, MAGBLOX® uses 55% of recycle ABS plastic in order to produce our tiles but we have also made the tiles recyclable which means we are the only magnetic tile manufacturer that re-uses magnetic tiles to make more!

MAGBLOX® provides translucent clear colours and durable shiny surface finish. It has an inset design which reduces significantly scratched surfaces. MAGBLOX®’s magnets are thicker to allow a stronger connection and they are encapsulated in a re-enforced case secured with copper rivets using an ultrasonic welding technology to prevent loose magnets.

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